Celestine! This stunning crystal is a beautiful shade of pale blue and is known for its powerful metaphysical properties.

Celestine is believed to be a stone of peace and tranquility, helping to calm the mind and soothe the soul. It is said to promote a greater sense of inner peace and emotional balance, allowing you to feel more grounded and centered in your daily life.

In addition to its calming properties, Celestine is also said to enhance spiritual awareness and intuition. It can help you connect with the spiritual realm and gain greater insights and guidance from your higher self and spirit guides.

Celestine is also believed to have powerful healing properties, particularly when it comes to the throat chakra. It can help promote clearer communication and expression, allowing you to speak your truth with greater confidence and authenticity.

Overall, Celestine is a beautiful and powerful crystal that can help you achieve greater levels of peace, tranquility, and spiritual awareness. Whether you're looking to connect more deeply with your inner self or simply seeking a greater sense of calm in your daily life, Celestine is a crystal that can help you on your journey.