About Us: Crystals And Cleavage

Our store in Las Vegas is perfect for the casual collector, holistic practitioner and everybody in-between! We sell unique types of crystals, stones, rocks, jewelry and mineral items. For some rare local crystal finds and unexpected gifts for the ones you love, please visit our online store.

What put’s the Cleavage in your Crystal? Distinct characteristics of each crystal and mineral are best described by it’s Cleavages. For minerals to cleave or fraction and in which directions is very characteristic occurring in minerals that have specific planes of weakness. These planes on crystals are inherent in the structure of the mineral and form from a variety of factors. The result are what you see, Cleavage in all forms ranging from isometric symmetry to large geometric polygons. 

Crystals and Cleavage aims its intent not only on providing authentic gems and ethically sourced minerals, but we sincerely strive to share positive oriented knowledge on not only the crystal and mineral family but also its energetic properties, energy exchange, and play on our very own energetic and emotional fields of awareness.


Our crystals company takes pride in sourcing unique and rare items from all over the world. Visit our showroom (inside Affinity Ink) to see all the crystals (in all shapes & sizes) that we have to offer in Las Vegas, NV. We look forward to hopefully meeting you!